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Quad-Bilt™ - All Fiberglass - Composite Super Posts

Featuring Textilene quality mesh with Quad Bilt™ 100% composite fiberglass support posts.
FEATURES: This fence combines the best mesh and stainless steel components with the strongest support posts available.
. Our Quad-Bilt™ -All Fiberglass- Composite Super Posts are developed with the latest technology in space age composite engineering.

Today’s composites have proven to be the highest quality and strongest materials available. They are used in all applications requiring high strength and weather resistance including the boat building industry, bulletproof vests, high quality ax and shovel handles, as well as commercial duty ladders and fifty-foot tall parking lot light posts. Protect-A-Child’s Quad-Bilt™ composite posts are the first composite posts to utilize advanced composite technology to design and engineer a fence post specifically for use as a pool fence support.

The propriety construction of these posts has been tested and certified against UV degradation to over 30 years and under pressures exceeding 15,000 lbs. In addition, during construction, they are wrapped in a special polyester veil that prevents contact with fiberglass rovings. The result is an incredibly strong, shock resistant, weatherproof, support post proven to be superior to aluminum in every category. These are not the cheap, imitation fiberglass posts whose characteristics are often disparaged by competitors.

Protect-A-Child introduced composite technology to mesh pool fencing in 1991 after significant product testing. Since that time we have sold millions of composite fence posts throughout the world in all climates proving their superiority to aluminum in every category. By more than exceeding our expectations, they have proven worthy of the lifetime warranty we offer against both breakage and bending.

The Many Advantages of Quad Bilt Composite Posts:

The Strongest, Most Resilient, and Shock Resistant Support Posts Available.
The strength and safety of your pool fence literally "rests" upon your fence support posts. They must endure ongoing forces of tension as well as shock. Protect-A-Child's Quad-Bilt™ composite posts have the strength and durability to support tension and flex with shock but will not become bent like aluminum posts. Independent testing shows our Quad Bilt™ composite posts to be stronger and more shock resistant than all other posts on the market be they aluminum or composite. Just as a stiff fishing rod can flex continually and rigorously yet maintain its strength, resiliency, and integrity - so it is with Protect-A-Child's Quad-Bilt™ posts. Twelve years of actual field use experience give us the confidence to back them with a lifetime warranty against both breakage and bending.

“Built-In” Color Rather Than A Painted Finish.
Color finishes on aluminum support posts and moldings are externally applied over silver metal. These finishes can scratch and flake leaving your fence looking worn. By comparison, the color of Quad-Bilt™ composite posts and moldings is “built in” with colored resins rather than simply painted or coated on. So it will never chip, peel, or flake off. Quad-Bilt™ composite posts are also impervious to the elements so corrosion will never be a problem giving you a lasting, attractive appearance and true value.

Superior warranty
In addition to our standard lifetime warranty we go a step further with our Premier Line fence featuring Quad Bilt 100% composite support posts. The superior characteristics of these posts combined with our 12 years experience with them give us the confidence to back them with a lifetime warranty against both breakage and bending. This is in addition to the lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty against bending and breakage is the only one of its kind in the industry.

Let’s face it, you would probably rather not fence your pool if you had a choice. Worse than that is if your fence were crooked because the posts were bent. With Protect-A-Child’s Quad Bilt composite fiberglass posts, because of its superior materials and resiliency, we can guarantee your posts will not become bent.

And this warranty is offered by the largest removable mesh pool fence company in the industry in business for over 20 years! So you can be assured we will be here for years to come should a need ever arise.

The Quad Bilt warranty is to the original purchaser and includes breakage and bending under normal wear and tear circumstances. It does not include deliberate acts or acts of nature.

Building Materials Made Of Fiberglass Offer Huge Advantages Over Conventional Building Materials (Including Aluminum)


“Fiberglass composites have revolutionized nearly every industry we know today. The inherent light weight, strength, and flexible quality of composite products have made fiberglass the product of choice to manufacture items in the medical equipment industry, the aviation industry, the storage tank industry, and many household items you may already be familiar with.” 
From:  http://www.alohafiberglasspools.com/web/fiberglass.html


A Quote From One Of Many Manufacturers Of Pultruded Fiberglass Products Regarding Uses Of Modern Fiberglass:

“ The advantages and benefits that Pultruded Fiberglass Composite Materials offer over traditional materials such as Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Thermoplastic, and other Thermo-set materials are many.  Familiar applications include the Mesmerizing Dancing Fountains of the Bellagio Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, the Observation Deck overlooking the breath taking Niagara Falls, and the fiberglass walkway and aquarium supports at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. These applications all use structural fiberglass composite materials.

Fiberglass As A Structural Component In Ladders:

1.  “Fiberglass beams are uniform and inherently strong. While aluminum may be more consistent than wood,  different manufacturers use different grades of aluminum. A cheaper aluminum ladder could bend under a load.”

2.  “Fiberglass does not conduct electricity so it is much safer to use around power lines than highly-conductive aluminum.”

3.  “A fiberglass ladder does not absorb moisture or weaken significantly in the sun.”
From www.wisegeek.com

Common Fiberglass Usage In Various Industries:

Aircraft: With the high strength to weight ratio, fiberglass is ideal for plane fuselages, propellers, and nose cones of high performance jets.

Automotive: Bodies and bumpers of vehicles from cars to heavy commercial construction equipment including truck beds and even armored vehicles. All of these are constantly exposed to the extremes of climate and subjected to abusive wear and tear.

Boats: 95% of boats are made of fiberglass, due its ability to withstand the elements under heat and cold and resist to corrosion from both salt water and atmospheric pollution.

Construction: Bridge decking steel bars are now being replaced with fiberglass.  It has the strength of steel but resists corrosion. Fiberglass is being used in suspension bridges for spans so wide that if made of steel, they would collapse under their own weight. Fiberglass road guard rails have proven to be stronger than their steel counterparts. Hydro transmission towers, street light poles and street manhole covers are all being made of fiberglass due to its' strength, light weight and durability.

Household Fixtures: Shower stalls, laundry tubs, hot tubs, ladders, and fiber optic cables are all being made of fiberglass.

Other: Golf clubs and carts, snow mobiles, hockey sticks, playground equipment, skis and ski poles, fishing rods, travel trailers, helmets.  All are everyday products made of fiberglass.


Fiberglass As A Window Frame: 

“There are many benefits of Fiberglass material; durability, strength and resistance to weathering, to name a few. These benefits in turn mean minimal maintenance for your windows. More common comparisons are boats sailing in salt water for over 50 years and underground chemical storage tanks which must last over 50 years. You will find below charts showing the many benefits of Fiberglass Windows...”

From www.fiberglasswindows.com

Protect-A-Child's commentary:

These are just a few general examples of the overwhelming superiority of fiberglass products in applications of all types.  In pool fence post construction, the key is to produce the post correctly.  Protect-A-Child uses a proprietary 4-step process to produce our fiberglass support posts.  This process has been proven in testing and actual use for over 15 years.  It creates posts of incredible strength, colorfastness, and longevity.  Simply put, Protect-A-Child's Quad Bilt Composite Fiberglass Posts provide a combination of advantages that dramatically raise the level of safety, longevity, and quality of your pool fence.

The Result? Protect-A-Child Offers The Strongest and Safest Mesh Pool Fencing Available.
Fence specifications
This fence incorporates the highest quality Textilene mesh, Quad Bilt composite posts, all stainless steel components, polyvinyl sleeving, and the availability of our complete SURE SAFE SYSTEM. including our point lock secure latch and lock in deck system.
Composite post colors: black, brown, desert tan, white.
Textilene® mesh colors: transparent black, brown, or desert tan.
Optional border colors: white, tan, brown, and black.
Available in heights of: 3 1/2’ (1.07m) 4’ (1.22m), and 5’ (1.52m).
(Not all colors available in all heights.)





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