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Components and Assembly

All components used to manufacture Protect-A-Child Pool Fencing are of the highest quality available. Understanding the role of these components will help you make an informed decision regarding your choice of pool fences. Below is a brief description of those materials:

Textilene Mesh Fencing Material

At Tri-State Protect-A-Child, we offer only one type of mesh on our fences. Textilene mesh has been used exclusively in Protect-A-Child Pool Fences for over 20 years.

We are the exclusive distributor of the open 10x10 weave that has been in use since 1984.  All other companies CANNOT get this weave even if they claim to use textilene.

In the field, it has proven to stand the test of time, children, and weather from the blazing deserts of Arizona to the unforgiving winters of Minnesota. It will not rot, tear, stretch, run, or fade.

Side by side tests comparing "Textilene®" to competing coated interlock weave meshes such as Mega Mesh and others prove "Textilene®" to be stronger, more abrasion resistant and lighter in weight. Although the woven strands of Textilene are thinner than competing knitted fabrics they are far stronger.
Yet this thinner strand is also more transparent allowing you an unobstructed view of your pool and patio.

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Mega Mesh


In addition, Textilene's smooth coating sheds both water and dirt. This allows our fence mesh to remain clean and mold and mildew free. Compare the side by side microscopic photographs of "Textilene®" smooth, slick PVC coating with the rough, rubbery coating found on knitted fabrics. You'll see why Protect-A-Child's "Textilene®" mesh is the smart choice for your pool fence.

Protect-A-Child's Textilene®" fence mesh also gives you a more open weave than competitors who also offer a Textilene®" mesh. Due to our quantity purchasing, we offer an exclusive 10x10 weave. (10 threads per inch) This is 20% more open and more transparent than competitors 12x12 weave.
While others may claim superiority, only Protect-A-Child's exclusive open weave Textilene has the appearance, test data, and "field" experience to prove it is the best possible mesh for mesh pool fencing.


We utilize only heavy, marine grade border materials and high grade UV resistant thread to provide the finished edging to our Textilene® mesh. Protect-A-Child Pool Fences often pass from family to family protecting children for many years. Quality border materials, sewing, and thread make this possible. Our borders are sewn to our mesh on both the top and bottom of the border to provide a solid attachment of border material to the mesh. 20 years experience sewing our borders in this manner with the same thread and –0- failures confirm that additional lines of sewing in the border do nothing to add quality.


Every metal component used in Protect-A-Child Pool Fencing is stainless steel, brass, or aluminum to prevent rust and eliminate maintenance. In a pool fence designed for outdoor child safety, we find steel components (sometimes referred to as "rust resistant" or "plated") to be totally unacceptable. Since rust can disable a safety latch we use strictly stainless steel hardware in our latches. This assures your fence will look new and attractive for years to come.

Gate Hook
Point Lock
Gate Hook
Point Lock


We assemble our fences with a minimum of 16 stainless steel screws per pole (in the 48" height) to assure a secure attachment of mesh to post. We utilize only round head screws and identical drilling patterns for a smooth safe finish and uniform quality appearance. We also utilize a special assembly process that removes wrinkles from the fence mesh at the time of assembly. This permits a more attractive installation around your pool.


Protect-A-Child Pool Fences in the 3 ½’ and 4’ heights are assembled with posts attached to the mesh on 36” centers. 5’ tall fences are assembled with posts on 30” centers to help support the increased leverage from the taller height. Because we use the strongest fence posts on the market in both lines of Protect-A-Child Pool Fencing, our 36” spacing on the 3 ½’ and 4’ fences allow for a more attractive fence with fewer holes in your patio surface yet do not sacrifice strength.


Polyvinyl sleeving for removable mesh pool fences was innovated by Protect-A-Child many years ago. Polyvinyl sleeves eliminate electrocution hazards around your swimming pool and are a requirement to meet the National Electrical Code and pass your final pool inspection. Our polyvinyl sleeves incorporate the thickest sleeve walls in the industry to stand up to the rigors of numerous insertions and removals of your fence. They are twice the thickness of competitors sleeving. Beware of fences that might offer thin wall plastic sleeves or outdated and possibly illegal aluminum sleeving.


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