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Drowning... The greatest danger to your child at home

"I gotta say, you build a really durable and worthwhile product. Here's a little story of my fence and proof of your durable product.

I purchased your Protect-A-Child pool fencing back in the winter of 1987. I had about 25 feet of it installed to separate the pool from the backdoors at a patio of a house I was having built and was about to move into.It was installed so I could meet Code, obtain a C.O., and to protect my 1 year old child from getting to the pool, unsupervised.

About the time she was 5 and could swim like a fish, I took the fence down, rolled it up like a tent, wrapped rope around it and set it inside an outdoor fenced area. It was fully exposed to the weather for its entire life.

Now that daughter of mine is about to enter college. How time flies. It was 18 years ago that I had your fence installed. My wife now has a grandchild who is 17 months old and visits occasionally. With all of the publicity about Jack Nicklaus' grandchild last week and the hot tub incident, it made me realize that I needed to get a fence back up to separate the pool from the doors out of the house, like I did 18 years ago for my daughter.

So, I unrolled your Protect-A-Child fence, scooped out the dirt that had filled in all of the fence holes in the pool deck, and stuck the fence posts back into those holes. I had to do some real pulling on the fabric to stretch it out to fit the same holes but I was quite amazed that the fabric could take a real tugging and without being dry rotted from being exposed to the weather for all of those years and didn't tear or rip at all, anywhere.

I sprayed the fabric down to get the dirt off of it and it looks as good as the day you installed it back in the winter of 1987. Nice to see that any manufacturer makes a product that is really made to last. Thank you for that."

David Porter
Palm Beach Gardens, FL USA

"Hi! Hope you're doing well.

We love the baby fence and ease of use! We've had so much peace of mind since it was installed, I can't thank you enough!"

One satisfied customer!

"I wanted to share a story about your fence. My wife and I put one of your fiberglass pole fences across our driveway to keep debris out and our dogs away from our alley. We usually park behind the fence. Well my wife decided to back in for groceries and I think got a little distracted (Ha Ha). She backed over our fence with the suburban, with a loud CRACK. I was very nice (Ha Ha again) and told her to please pull forward. I was surprised to see the fence stand back up looking undamaged and still providing safety for our dogs. With closer inspection the pole she went over was broken but didn't break off! It still provided the safety we were looking for! Had the fence fallen down, who knows if our dogs had run into the alley at that time, a car may have hit them? We love our fence Thank You."

San Bernardino, CA

"I don't normally endorse products but we had one of your fences installed 3 years ago around our pool. During hurricane Wilma last month, our entire pool enclosure was destroyed. When it fell, one entire end of the enclosure was resting on one end of the protect-a-child fence. Your fence was not damaged at all. Thank you for making such a sturdy product. We have some pictures of it if you'd like to see them."


Dear Protect-A-Child:

I wanted to let you know our story in hopes that it might prevent tragedy for other parents. Although we had a happy ending, it was too close.

We have a pool that came with the house we bought. It is screened in and our house came with door alarms. We have a 3 year old, and she is NEVER left alone. We thought that our pool was safe because all the locks were high on the doors, the alarm was there, it was screened in, and I am a very protective mom.  I also thought that if my daughter fell in the pool of course there had to be a splash and I would hear it.

Well approximately 6 weeks ago, it was a beautiful Florida day. I had all of the doors and windows open, and my daughter was outside playing in the backyard with our 2 dogs. Next thing I know she was on the pool deck inside the screen enclosure. She had gotten in through the bottom of the screen door where the screening had been knocked out probably a couple of days before.  I was inside standing at my kitchen bar and said to myself, “Well she’s OK for just a minute.” I thought I would finish what I was doing and then go get her.  I checked on her and she was laughing and playing with her beach toys and was fine. Next thing I know, I hadn't heard her for a second. I look out and the toy that I had just seen her playing with was floating down the side of the pool with the current of the water. I ran out the glass door to see my daughter struggling to get above the water. She had on jeans, a long sleeve shirt and boots. She was sinking straight to the bottom and I never heard a peep. Not a splash of water or sound out of her mouth. And I was less than 5 feet away! 

I pulled her out by her pinky. Water poured from her nose and mouth. After I got all the water out of her and she was finally breathing again, my almost 3 year old looked up at me and said,

"Mommy I just want to breathe."

Fortunately, she is fine.

I tell you this as a mom that was terrified that my child could have drowned that day. A few seconds more and I may not have her.  The next morning a Protect-A-Child Pool Fence went up at our house knowing that if it had been up the day before, my child would have never had to go through this horrible experience.  

We thought our pool was safe. Now I know that it was not. No pool is safe. But at least I know now that my daughter cannot get back to the pool and I think that if I can tell my story to at least one person and have it save a toddlers life, I would know that my daughter and I experienced that day for a reason.

I TRULY believe in this product and know that these fences are not only installed for a house to meet the code for inspection, but it really is for the safety of our children.

Hope all is well!
Carisa, Chris, and Skylar
Deland, FL

Thanks Carissa for your story. It is without a doubt chilling and we hope will speak to parents everywhere. We hope everyone reading this will realize that it CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! The drowning statistics are so high because too many people think it won’t happen to them! Please. Don’t wait. You might not get that second chance. Take steps to safeguard your child today!

"Good fences, safer pools

Supervising our little ones around water is essential. Often overlooked is what happens when a toddler escapes out the back door while you are visiting a neighbor or grandparent who has a pool. A fence around the pool is not a substitute for proper supervision, but it could buy you life-saving seconds when little Bobby sneaks out to pretend he is Nemo.

If you have a backyard pool, it should be fenced in, even if there are no kids living in your house. After researching different pool fence systems, we installed the Protect-A-Child pool fence. It serves as an excellent deterrent, was quick and easy to have installed and is actually removable (although I would recommend keeping it up at all times). If you know someone who needs a pool fence, but may not know it, ask them to visit www.protectachild.com. "

Dr. Brennan
Goleta Valley Voice newspaper
Santa Barbara, California

Installation of a Protect-A-Child Pool Fence System can provide dependable safety to help prevent this kind of tragedy.


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